Worship Leader

Assistant Worship Leader/Worship Leader

City Light Church LA

I was a member at City Light from 2007 till we moved to Seattle in 2018.  In those years I have played sax for the worship team, and eventually in 2012 I took over the position of music director.  This move, which I resisted at the time, reintroduced me to my love of singing, and showed me a powerful new way for me to serve my church.  Since then I haven’t looked back, and I know I will be leading worship for the rest of my life!  In April 2017, we brought on a new leader, and I happily took a step back to the assistant worship leader role.

Originals and Arrangements

Over the years I have written numerous original praise songs to fit themes and sermons at our church.  I have also taken classic hymns and adapted them to fit our band and style.